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Use and maintenance of electric tools

1. Please do not overload the power tool. Please select the appropriate power tool according to the job requirements. Using a suitable electric tool at the rated speed can make you better and safer to complete your work.

2. Do not use power tools with damaged switches. All electric tools that cannot be controlled by switches are dangerous and must be repaired.

3. Please unplug the plug from the socket before adjusting the device, changing accessories or storing the device. These safety standards prevent accidental starting of the equipment.

4. Keep the power tools that are not in use out of the reach of children. Please do not allow people who do not understand the power tool or read this manual to operate the power tool. It is dangerous for people without training to use power tools.

5. Please take care of the power tools. Please check whether there is any wrong adjustment, blocking of moving parts, damage of parts, and all other conditions that may affect the normal operation of the power tool. The power tool in question must be repaired before it can be used. Many accidents are caused by improperly maintained power tools.

6. Please keep the cutting tools sharp and clean. A carefully maintained cutting tool with a sharp blade is less likely to be jammed and easier to operate.

7. Please follow the requirements of the operating instructions, taking into account the working environment and type of work, and according to the design purpose of the specific power tool, correctly select the power tools, accessories, replacement tools, etc. Applying power tools to work beyond the intended use range may cause hazards.